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    All our services/tools are security focused and are related to XPR Network.

      XPR Network Metrics

      XPR Network Metrics from blockchain. Soon more features will be available.

      Sign Message

      This tool is designed for signing short (public) messages.

      User repution check

      Check if user was involved in any malicious activity on XPR network.

      Sign documents

      Sign documents and store signatures on XPR Network blockchain.

Set up

Sign Document

Secure way to sign documents

Securely upload and sign your documents on XPRNetwork blockchain.
This service uses client-side file processing, and no file is stored on the server. It calculates SHA-256 based on the file's data and initiates a transaction on the blockchain by sending 1 XPR to our account @xprotect.
We currently support only PDF format to sign.

Every signed document can be checked on
Xprotect DNS protects you from all kinds of security threats. First DNS system that protects you in Web3.
All servers are operational.
No maintenance is scheduled.
Copyright 2023 - Xprotect is project created by Alvosec Security Team.
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